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 These are incredible times we live through and sometimes we just need more goodness in our lives.

We felt we had something we could share with our community to spread some love & goodness- Our passion for growing dynamic gardens and spaces.

So we created this network of properties that grow food in the most dynamic ways, that increase biodiversity and operate in symbiotic relationships for every living being with that particular land. The network is here to uplift, support and share in the journey with these individual properties. We work together and individually. 

You interact with these properties as well when you purchase from offerings showcased through the network; like the Heirloom Starter Food Plants

Together we offer our community Heirloom Starter Food Plants.

Grown with the most love, care and symbiotic relationship we can offer.

We grow everything from seed and with our own hands -  call us a Plant House.

From our Plant House to your home - we aim to share the abundance that these beautiful plants have to offer.

We are always looking for ways to share with others and help our land thrive & flourish in every way possible.

We want to encourage as many of you as we can, to grow your own food and create dynamic gardens.

We encourage everyone to visit the individual social media accounts & websites of these individual properties in our network, to support them & show your love for them.

There is an abundance to be shared in every way possible and each property has many more offerings for their local communities.

 We look forward to growing and encouraging more properties to do the exact same thing :  grow and share the abundance of life. 

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If you have any questions for us - send us an email :) We would love to chat

Thanks for dropping by :)

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