See you Again Soon...

Our Plant House is now closed for the season

 We just wanted to take a moment to say:

We are full of gratitude.

Grateful for all the support & love we received. Grateful for all the Ups & Downs during these incredible four seasons. Grateful for it ALL.

Looking forward to our next Plant House season

Have an amazing winter 

- Biodynamic Food Network - 

Be Happy, Always Laughing & Spreading the Love

What is Biodynamic?

Biodynamic , to us, is a symbiotic relationship between all life forces involved in a given experience.

To Us, Biodynamic Food is having a beautiful exchange of energy and motion between life and all dynamics involved during the food's journey.

Each Land is unique and is composed of tiny individual ecosystems which create a larger whole ecosystem.

The farmer, grower, steward, caretaker, land, soil, air, water, wildlife, plants and animals are all apart of this larger whole ecosystem.

 Our duty is to encourage a space where everyone thrives and we find our place within the symphony of our land.

We are confident you will enjoy the plants we raise in our Plant House and encourage you to learn more about the ecosystems that surround you and the ecosystems in which your food comes from.